Fred Trading Review – Posterboy Invented To Rip You Off
Fred Trading Review – Posterboy Invented To Rip You Off

Nothing says nouveau riche like frolicking in the sun on the deck of a yacht, feeling the winds of Persian Gulf in your hair while sporting a neon colored Hawaii shirt. This is what you too can be – somebody with no cares in the world, and with more money than you can hope to spend!

But first, you gotta create a trading account through an affiliate link, and invest money into the Forex market. All this and more about professional swindlers and their deceiving of the public in our Fred Trading review.

Regulated by: Unregulated
Is This Company Safe? It’s a fraudulent scheme – don’t waste your cash!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Romania
Operating since: 2022
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: €200
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Forex
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Contact our legal team for help with asset reimbursement.

Is Fred Frost a Licensed Financial Adviser?

If you check his website,, you will see that Fred presents himself as 26 years old Danish with a financial degree from a top university. However, we’re a bit suspicious, considering that this “top university” is not named, and we have no proof it’s actually true.

Furthermore, Fred Frost is not licensed by any official financial institution. Fred is cooperating with different brokers, getting his customers to open an account and get an affiliate commission. However, the signals he’s giving in his Telegram group and Instagram account are quite questionable, considering that he’s not a professional.

Therefore, if you’re wondering is Fred Trading legit, we can say not really.

Where and How Does Fred Trading Operate?

Fred Frost Trading, a.k.a Fred Trading, offers its services through social media. Once you go to his website, you will see a nice presentation about a young, successful guy who wants to help others make money for free.

Now, here’s the catch. We’re instantly suspicious whenever we hear that something on the market is free. Many fraudulent Forex brokers out there claim that you can register for free or get a crypto trading bot for free, but then they disappear with your life savings.

Fred says he’s offering free Forex signals in his group. In addition, he offers several courses on Forex trading, allegedly helping his clients get to know the market and understand how he operates. According to traffic analysis, the majority of customers of the website come from:

  • UK,
  • Denmark,
  • Netherlands,
  • Australia,
  • Canada.

Once you contact Fred, he will recommend you brokers to choose from. One of them is eToro, which actively promotes FredTrading services. This further proves our claim that Fred is nothing but an affiliate earning money from the brokerage house.

Once Free, Courses Are Now Charged

Let’s make something clear: the trading courses involved with this Fred Trading scam were never actually free. All of them allegedly include signals, ebooks, market research, knowledge checks and more.

Now, while the Fred Trading website still insists on the “everything is free” idea, the courses all come with price tags attached. Take a look:

  • Beginners – €200
  • Intermediate – €500
  • Advanced – €1,000
  • Premium – €3,000

All these training “products”, as they call them, are allegedly on a discount going as high as 50% – permanently. This is a manipulation strategy known as “perceived scarcity”, a mind game that inclines you to make emotional purchases even when you don’t actually have a rational need to.

Fred Trading Reviews – Are They Real?

The negative comments you’ll find on Reddit complain about known fraudulent strategies. These include offering a seemingly free service, but asking for various “fees” to be paid in advance in order to release profits. This elaborate scam is so well thought through that even the genuine opinions are now getting harder to find.

For example, a small-time actor who Fred wanted to pay to promote his services and lie about making profit spoke up also.

According to several genuine reviews, Fred is quite aggressive with customers who dare to express their own opinion. In addition, he’s forcing people to write good things, threatening not to give them payouts. 

Furthermore, we found paid review on Yahoo Finance. An article praises Fred for his day trading services and his lavish lifestyle. Once again, if all he does is free, where does the money come from? If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Furthermore, if you hop over to Trustpilot and ignore the paid reviews, you can read several very insightful negative opinions. These point at mass expulsion of Danish members from his groups and repeated trading strategies that do not work as promised.

How Do Investors Earn With FredTrading?

Once you contact Fred through his website or social media accounts, he will offer to help you get Forex trading signals. You can follow him, copy his trades or use his knowledge, all this for free.

He will also recommend that you sign up with legitimate brokers, most of whom hold CySEC licenses. This is where it becomes clear how the operation work. First of all, if Fred is such a good trader, he wouldn’t feel the need to share his knowledge for free. Nothing in this world that is worth it is free. Therefore, he must get something in return. And that something is an affiliate commission from all the platforms you register with.

You will activate your account through the link given by Fred, and the company will pay him out of your deposit. While this is not illegal, hiding such facts is. Fred Frost is not transparent about the way he earns money, and that’s not legitimate. While you’re wondering if you’ll be paid out, Fred is posting photos from Dubai and Morocco, spending his affiliate commission.

As per the question, can you earn with Fred Trading Forex services? We doubt so. Many comments indicate that clients who followed his advice lost money and were pressured to hide it. Hence, we advise avoiding the Fred Trading scam and numerous other social media frauds.

What Can I Do If I Lost Money With

First of all, it all depends on the broker you traded with. You can request reimbursement if your account was with a legitimate brokerage company. You can contact the regulator and explain the situation and the connection between the said company and Fred Trading.

In addition, you can contact our chargeback experts. They will evaluate your case during a free consultation and find the best course of action. While Instagram Forex scams are nothing new, it doesn’t mean you should suffer from them.

Book a free, non-obligatory consultation and share your story and evidence with us. Time is of the essence, so let’s be quick!

FAQ Section:

What Is Fred Trading?

Fred Trading presents himself as a financial expert who can help you earn money from Forex day trading. If you lost your money from his advice, let us know, and we will evaluate your case.

Is Fred Trading Available in the United States or the UK?

Fred Trading promotes its services all around the globe without any restrictions.

Is Fred Trading a Scam?

Fred Trading is not an official broker or a financial adviser, and he doesn't disclose that he's an affiliate working on commission.


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