Audacity Capital Review – Advanced Education Undermined By Poor Profitability
Audacity Capital Review – Advanced Education Undermined By Poor Profitability

Investing in Forex and CFDs isn’t something just any trader is capable of, at least not to the extent they’d wish to be. However, with the help of a good prop firm, you can also achieve profitable results if you prove to be skilled enough for it.

Established in 2014, this proprietary firm accepts professional traders with advanced trading knowledge and experience. Those looking for a financial source can acquire funds for their trading endeavors after completing the challenge.

Read our Audacity Capital review to learn all you need about this platform. 

Regulated by: No regulation expected
Known Websites:
Registered in: UK
Operating since: 2014
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:100
Minimum Deposit: $129
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Forex, Indices, Commodities
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? If you’re having troubles with payouts, contact our legal support!

Legally Incorporated In UK 

According to the UK Companies House, Audacity Global Limited was registered in 2018. Although proprietary firms aren’t obligated to acquire a financial services license from FCA, they are still subject to AML measures and transparency rules. That is certainly not what some fraudulent entities like SPmarket24 display.

The basic principle this program is based on is providing the funding pool for the talented traders and then acquiring their part of profit from the total gain achieved by the trader. 

Long Running Service

Something fishy is going on with the domain. The WhoIs database says that it was launched in 2014, which is 4 years prior to the prop firm’s registration with Companies House.

Additionally, the website itself claims a copyright dating back to 2012. These sorts of discrepancies are not typical for reputable firms, and are comparable with LQDFX or other schemes.

The firm is very active on social media platforms. They own profiles on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. In addition to this, the company also operates a channel on the Youtube streaming platform.

The viral advertising is directed towards the clients in these regions:

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • United States
  • Nigeria
  • Morocco

Contrasting Client Testimonials

The reviews on Trustpilot are numerous, with almost 100% 5-star ratings. That said, other personal review platforms such as SiteJabber don’t have any comments at all, which is strange considering the company’s age. If you suspect any foul play from Audacity Capital, consult with our legal experts.

Trading Conditions And Costs

During the challenge phase, traders can access a maximum leverage of 1:100. Considering these are professional traders we’re speaking of, their risk-managing abilities are able to control the trading strategies effectively.

However, to fully understand the trading costs fluctuations and the spreads, you’d have to login to the terminal and read the values from inside the distribution. 

Affiliate Campaign

By becoming a participant in the affiliate program, you can partake in the promotion of the company’s services and earn. The structure features 2 levels that can be achieved on a monthly basis by referring new traders. The commissions you can be rewarded with range from 7% up to 10%.

Admirable Trading Tools

The wide range of features presented on the website include the most advanced trading software like MT4 and MT5. Following that is the most well-designed and diverse range of funding programs as well as several basic challenges you can choose to take. Let’s review the conditions for using these features.

Ability Challenge

The initial test stage is what all interested traders have to pass before they can gain access to funds for trading. There’s a total of six different trading volumes you could choose.

Key to passing the test is to have at least 4 days of trading, absolute drawdown of 10%-15%, with a profit target of 10%. Here’s the refundable fees charged for every amount chosen:

  • $10,000 – $129
  • $15,000 – $189
  • $30,000 – $339
  • $60,000 – $459
  • $120,000 – $779
  • $240,000 – $1,559

Funded Trader Program

A total of six funding stages that are available to choose from. The general rule which persists is that you have to meet a 10% profit goal with the maximum drawdown of 10%. Here’s the list of account sizes:

  • First Stage – $15,000
  • Second Stage – $30,000
  • Third Stage – $60,000
  • Fourth Stage – $120,000
  • Fifth Stage – $240,000
  • Sixt Stage – $480,000

Limited Tradable Assets

While the conditions may be attractive, the major downside to trading on this site is probably the limited availability of products:

  • Indices (CAC40, IBEX35, FTSE100)
  • Commodities (Wheat, Silver, Gold)

Industry Standard Trading Software

Audacity Capital platform selection includes industry standard MT4 and MT5, easily recognisable by every seasoned trader. Both these programs have a long and high quality service record, with constant incremental improvements.

MT4 excels in order execution times, and presents a well-rounded solution. The MT5 is a new generation software that fully incorporates advanced market depth features.

Mobile Apps

MetaTrader software is fully compatible with mobile devices. The website contains links to download MT4 from App Store and Google Play. The same is mirrored for devices that run MT5 on iOS and Android.

Advanced Education Courses

Guides are the basic form of Audacity Capital education available to the public. These are free of charge, and provided in the form of articles on the website.

The company offers academic grade education materials with in-house training, but these don’t come cheap. Audacity Capital education courses may be paid in installments, or through a loan from an affiliated company, Knoma.

Claiming Profits

As soon as you achieve the targeted trading volume of 10%, you can request a withdrawal of funds. All of the Audacity Capital withdrawals are claimed to be processed and completed within 48 hours after the request is received. The profit split is only 50% though, which is definitely far lower than what other similar schemes offer. 

Help And Support

Audacity Capital support comes in the form of a live chat on the website, provided by Zendesk. If a support agent is not readily available, clients may rely on the FAQ database on the website, with an active forum. A support email is also provided, with an option to create a support ticket.


Talented traders have a chance to shine and be funded with sums of up to almost half a million dollars to trade with if they choose this domain. 

In case your profit wasn’t paid on time or the program didn’t allow you proper withdrawal, you should consult our legal experts. With our help, you can claim your rightfully earned profit. Contact our support service and book your consultation for free!

FAQ Section

What Is Audacity Capital?

This is a proprietary firm that borrows traders the funds needed to trade on world markets and then split profit with the company.

Is Audacity Capital A Scam?

Although they do not need regulation by law, this firm is transparent and fair, as their existing customers report.

How Do Trading Courses in Audacity Capital Work?

To get funded, you have to pass a challenge. All the participation fees are refundable. In case you aren’t able to withdraw your profit, contact us for help.


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