Review – Are There Any Signs To Avoid The Company? Review – Are There Any Signs To Avoid The Company?

Even though the company has been around for 10 years, there are some signs to stay away from it. Firstly, does not declare what legal entity runs it. Some sources mention Gate Technology Ltd and Gate Group.

However, the user agreement doesn’t reveal any of those details. Neither does the company reveal any of its legal addresses. With this in mind, we have to dig deep for all the information to make this review worth the time.

Regulated by: MFSA
Is This Company Safe? Potentially not
Known Websites:;
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Malta
Operating since: 2013
Trading Platforms: Proprietary platform
Maximum Leverage: 1:10
Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposit
Deposit Bonus: Available
Trading Assets: Cryptocurrencies
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? With almost 70% of negative reviews on Trustpilot, traders can expect potential withdrawal problems. If those happen, we recommend you talk to our refund experts for a detailed consultation.

Legal info: Is Legit?

In general, the company truly resembles a legitimate crypto exchange. They also claim to have a TCSP license obtained in Hong Kong and a VFA Class 4 license in Malta. Sadly, the TCSP registration is still being processed, and they haven’t yet obtained an SFC license. On the positive side, checking the MFSA registers can lead us to details regarding the Gate Technology LTD VFA license.

Nevertheless, with those licenses, the exchange could only provide services in Malta and Hong Kong respectively. However, their target areas are much broader.

Who are’s Clients?

With a broad range of coin purchasing options, attracting traders worldwide is easy. However, even with the restrictions the company has set, it still mainly offers services in countries where it needs adequate licenses, which they don’t have. Some of those countries are: 

  • Turkiye
  • Brazil
  • United States

Traders Reviews

One of the eye-catching problems is the reviews on Trustpilot. Even though the company claims to have more than 14 million users worldwide, 896 comments are more than enough to get a bigger picture. 

According to these, more than 70% of traders experience some issues. Sadly, most of those are related to withdrawals. Since that’s the case, we advise you to talk to our refund experts on time.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

One of the good things about the trading fees with this company is that you can get a lot of discounts. Of course, if you have a higher 30-day trading volume. Also, the scheme is different for regular trading assets and for those holding a Gate token.

Anyway, the starting point for the Gate token is 0.09%, while the regular rate is 0.1%. When it comes to margin trading, traders can expect maximum leverage of up to 1:10.


Indeed, bonuses are quite generous with this company. After completing the login procedure, traders get 10 credits.

However, for every milestone that has been reached, there are different reward options. Thus, the company doesn’t accept UK traders or traders from restricted countries participating in these giveaways. Trading Features

On the positive side, this company offers a wide range of possibilities. Besides regular exchange services, traders can use spot and margin trading options, perpetual and delivery futures, bots, copy trading, and much more. It’s quite a shame there are too many negative reviews that could keep us away from them.

Trading Platforms Available

Besides the desktop version of the app, traders can also use the web-based one for regular trading. The charting and optimization options are imported from TradingView. The good thing is that all copy trading and bot options are available directly on the platform.

Available Trading Assets

Another great thing is a wide range of tradeable instruments. In fact, more than 1,700. But can you truly trust all those coins are not bubbles? Anyway, some of the most popular options are always: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Doge
  • Shiba

Account Types

In general, the company doesn’t have any specific separation when it comes to services. Everyone gets access to all services and features, which is quite a positive thing. 

On top of that, there’s no minimum deposit requirement, so you can relax more when investing with this company, unlike with Crypto Vortex.

Mobile Trading App

Since there are also spot trading and leveraged trading features, mobile apps are more than useful. Therefore, it’s quite good that the company has apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

Demo Account

With all the features the company offers, it would be logical to offer a demo account as well, especially because of leveraged trading. Thus, it’s not the case. But generally, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.


Even though there are bots and copy trading options available, trading futures requires certain knowledge. That’s why the company offers beginner guides, more than 100 courses about cryptos, and research about the market. 

Fairly, it’s quite a solid program, especially to teach you how to protect your cryptos from swindlers like SwissCap. Withdrawal withdrawal fees are fully transparent for all assets they are covering. For instance, Bitcoin withdrawals are charged 0.00001443 BTC for BSC/BEP20, while for BRC20, the amount is 0.000250 BTC. Thus, it’s not transparently declared for what amount these fees are applied.

Nevertheless, according to traders, the most significant potential issue appears to be the account verification. That’s why small print can be crucial with any investment firm. Mainly if they don’t operate in your country with adequate licenses.

Customer Support

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t have any phone lines for quick feedback. Instead, traders can use their chatbot integrated into the platform, e-mail, and Telegram channel. 

According to numerous complaints we have seen on Trustpilot, that kind of support can be quite useless.

Key Information To Consider About

Generally, the company is involved in all kinds of public activities. Yet, after the reviews where more than 70% of traders have some issues, that’s quite a disturbing detail. Instead, traders can opt for far better-known and rated companies.

Meanwhile, you can talk to our refund specialists if you have any issues withdrawing your capital. After all, it’s your money. Book your first meeting completely free today.

FAQ Section

What is is a well-known crypto exchange, spot, and futures trading platform established in 2013.

Is Exchange Legit?

According to the legal documents, transparency, and potential licenses, yes. Even though some details can be easily proved, there are numerous negative reviews.

Can Be Trusted?

Knowing there are far more reliable options than, you might skip their offer. In case you have funds with them and trouble withdrawing them, contact our refund team.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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