Rakutens io Review – Fake Affiliate As A Part Of A Greater Scheme
Rakutens io Review – Fake Affiliate As A Part Of A Greater Scheme

Firstly, let us just tell you why this name sounds so familiar. Rakutens io attempts to sound credible by using a name dangerously similar to an acclaimed cash back app – Rakuten. Unfortunately, these two have nothing in common. 

Rakutens io is an anonymous website that falsely offers stable profit and monthly/weekly income based on your affiliate activities. These include weekly and daily tasks put before you. However, as seemingly lucrative and harmless, these sorts of projects work against you. 

This thieving platform earns by selling your info to the higher levels of scam that later contact you to invest more. So carefully choose who to trust, especially when they come up with an irresistible deal. Our Rakutens io review explains one such campaign and its true aims. 

Regulated by: No regulation expected
Is This Company Safe? Although not necessarily regulated, Rakutens io isn’t safe!
Known Websites: https://rakutens.io/
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023-02-14
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available 
How to  Withdraw from This Company? You probably won’t be able to withdraw anything without legal help!

How Rakutens io Works

The general purpose of affiliate campaigns like Rakutens io is to get as many clients as possible to register. Using any kind of attractive ad to achieve that is a must. All their promises fall under fabrications about easy money. While offering unrealistic conditions, they actually profit by collecting the customer information and then selling it to unregulated brokers. 

As noticeable, the scheme works on several levels. While Rakutens io promises clients some unbelievable and easy gain like passive income, all they in fact do is make illegal profit off of consumer’s sensitive data. Gathering victims isn’t easy, so the intel that affiliate campaigns collect increases the illicit brokers’ chance of finding new customers easier. One such broker is RightFX.

Victims That Fall For Fake Promises

Rakutens io has chosen a name that would imply affiliation with the legit cash back app – Rakuten. However, do not believe this to be true. Another scam strategy often used is a sounding name or the website design that would make you think of a famous service provider. This inspires trust in potential future clients, and Rakutens io profits on that. 

Besides looking legit and credible, the scheme requires you to join and complete some foolish tasks while claiming to bring you a secure source of profit. At first you don’t invest much, so it seems like a couple of download tasks are nothing in comparison to potential gain. 

However, as soon as you register, your contact information is sold to financial swindlers Rakutens io is connected to. For easier communication and protected info exchange, Rakutens io typically uses Whatsapp. Our recommendation is to stay away from deals that seem too good to be real. 

Clients from the following countries have fallen victim to the Rakutens io sham:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Brunei
  • Croatia

Experiences of Others

Rakutens io domain is about half a year old. This new and rising sham is gaining popularity quickly, but has yet to become widespread enough for customers to leave more reviews. For now these two reviews are all we found on Sitejabber com:

“These guys are unbelievably the worse set of humans I have ever seen in my entire life, they probably took all our money and started living expensive lifestyles, you are not going to get your money back and that’s the gospel truth…”

“If you are planning to start investing in this platform please DO NOT DO IT.

At the beginning it is a small investment and they return your money back, but later they demand that you invest even more and more and there is no end. Your money remains stuck in the account and you cannot withdraw it. There is simply no option for that. They are all fake and use whatsapp to contact you.”

Affiliate Program

Affiliate campaign is yet another scheme that Rakutens io runs. To take part in it you have to register first and supposedly choose the plan that best meets your earning goals. Then you get your unique affiliate link that you can use to promote Rakutens io. The more of your friends, family and colleagues join, the bigger your profit. 

Unfortunately, due to not having a referral code, we couldn’t open an account and closely inspect the conditions of the affiliate campaign, or the plans offered. Rakuten io hides the particularities of their offer quite religiously. 

These types of campaigns are often seen in scam brokers, as well. Exobit is just one of them. We recommend you to stay away from this false financial services provider.

Signing Up Problems

You apparently can’t just show up and open an account with Rakutens io. What you’re first asked to provide is a referral code, which you’re supposed to get from another, existing customer. Considering that registration isn’t available for everyone, it’s apparent that Rakutens io prefers to hand pick their victims from a chosen circle. 

The restriction of access has not been helpful in discovering the specifics of the Rakutens io offer, their account types or affiliate plans and other details. Except for the general information about how the site works, the rest is wrapped in a veil of secrets. 

Tenuous Customer Service

Contacting the Rakutens io staff is only available through Whatsapp. For the scammer, joining this app is quite simple as it requires very scarce info and they can keep their anonymity. On the other side, it provides them with a chance to share all kinds of content, including malware download links, commit identity theft and other scam options. 

Final Thoughts on Rakutens io

Affiliate campaigns can seem appealing at first, and like a good source of stable income. However, the promised payouts you expect to receive each week or month will not come. The whole point of such projects is to steal your data and sell it further up the chain to the actual scammers. 

We strongly believe that efficient dealing with such schemes includes referring to the jurisdictional authorities. We’re also here for you. Whether you’re having problems withdrawing your investments or just want to find out more on a broker, firm, campaign or program, we can equip you with accurate and up-to-date info.  

FAQ Section

What Is Rakutens io?

Rakutens io is a shady website offering participation in affiliate campaigns for stable income.

Is Rakutens io Legit?

Although they do not need regulation by law, they do engage in scamming schemes of a greater scale. For help dealing with them, please contact our support.

What Are The Affiliate Partners Of Rakutens io?

Affiliate partners are customers who are actively promoting Rakutens io for a certain percentage of commission as a reward.


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