Erema Invest Review: Another Fraud In The Whole Sea of Them
Erema Invest Review: Another Fraud In The Whole Sea of Them

Erema Invest is one of those typical scam brokers that is fully incognito and virtually anonymous. Very rigorous in their demands in terms of client data and deposit amounts, the fraudsters have the audacity to put forth such demands without properly introducing themselves first.�

Not only does this company not let you know who runs it and where they are located, but you don’t have a single clue if they’re legitimate at all. You can immediately suspect what the whole deal is about when you face such shadiness and lack of transparency.�

The broker in question is dangerously convincing, but a swindler nonetheless. So, we highly recommend you to read our Erema Invest review before you make an action that could cost you more than you’re ever ready to pay.

Regulated by:Unregulated
Is This Company Safe?Scam companies are not safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from:ASF
Registered in:N/A
Operating since:2023-02-13
Trading Platforms:Web trader
Maximum Leverage:1:200
Minimum Deposit:$300
Deposit Bonus:Hinted, but undisclosed
Trading Assets:Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Free Demo Account:Not available�
How to� Withdraw from This Company?You can ensure your withdrawals are processed by requesting assistance from our team of professionals!

Erema Invest Regulation: Is It Legit or Scam?

The most valuable aspect of every brokerage conduct is their regulation. It is also the most important proof of a broker’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. Erema Invest avoids any talk about their broker’s license as if it’s the most unimportant thing in the world. What this sham wants you to believe is their extraordinary dedication to clients, amiable trading conditions and magical trading platforms and tools that are as fake as the ones selling them to you.�

While trying to find out anything that could lead us to more information about this broker’s ownership and origin, we searched through the databases of leading Tier 1 regulators. NFA, AFM, CONSOB and FCA seem entirely unfamiliar with Erema Invest. However, we did find something concerning about this website, and that is the following warning issued against them:

  • ASF (Romania):—informari

As the public announcement suggests, Erema Invest isn’t licensed or authorized by ASF to offer their financial services to Romanian traders. Considering that the publication was posted just a few days ago, it’s just a matter of time before other EEA regulators detect the scam-prone behavior of Erema Invest and start blacklisting them.�

Similarly to other blacklisted Forex scams like LinityBase, Erema Invest doesn’t respect the security measures that are mandatory in EEA. The most important ones include segregated bank accounts, leverage restrictions to 1:30 maximum and negative balance protection to ensure the clients can’t lose more than they’ve invested. Furthermore, access to the compensation funds allow the clients reimbursement after a dispute and ESMA has MiFID rules to increase transparency.�

You can already guess, by comparing the conditions and behavior of Erema Invest, how much this scam company follows the security measures and protocols. Their only goal isn’t customer satisfaction, but finding an easy way to steal deposits and get away with it unpunished. So beware. Investing here is a mistake you don’t want to make!

Where Is Erema Invest Trading Scam Active?

It is evident from the public warning issued against them that Erema Invest is primarily focused on Romanian investors. It’s crucial to mention that scam knows no boundaries. The biggest number of victims in the past for months, how long this sham operates, has appeared in these states:

  • Romania
  • Italy
  • Moldova

This is most probably the major reason why the Romanian authorities had to warn the traders by issuing an alert against Erema Invest.� Be wary, though. Financial criminals know no boundaries, and will focus on scamming anyone who seems like a suitable victim. By that we primarily mean the novice traders and investors who are trying their luck on the Forex market for the first time. Especially vulnerable for their lack of information and experience, they represent the most preferred targets by scam agents.�

Calling relentlessly and offering what is described as a deal of a century, is how victims are usually pestered until they invest. Thieves concentrating on the first investment will disappear as soon as you make a deposit. Others could be extorting money from you for months, on the account of fees, good deals and emotional manipulation. If you’re suspecting to be a victim of such a scheme, please contact us as soon as you’re able to.��

Erema Invest Leverage and Spreads

Deceptively, Erema Invest offers a starting leverage from 1:30 for the basic account, with spreads starting at 3 pips. Account price for such conditions is $300. This can easily lead beginners to believe the trading environment resembles the ones that regulated brokers provide. However, spreads from 3 pips insinuate the trading costs to be astronomical in comparison to most reputable brokers.�

Also, other accounts are pricier and the leverage increases proportionally, until it hits 1:200, how much is allowed for the Pro account. Ain’t anything within the regulatory rules there. With the spreads as low as 0.3 pips, Erema Invest easily motivates the victims to invest more.�


While Erema Invest supposedly offers bonuses, we have to remind you that such features are strictly against the regulatory standards in EEA and UK. Bonuses in these areas are banned because of how dangerous and misleading they are in general. Plus, it allows the swindlers to additionally ask for more money and payments from the victims.�

Erema Invest does claim to offer bonuses, but doesn’t specify in which situations and in what amount. However, there’s a Deposit and Withdrawal Policy, that says that all the bonuses and other motivations from the company are treated as “Non-deposited funds”. As such, these amounts are not available for withdrawal, along with any profit made with their help.

What makes the entire deal with the bonuses even worse is that Erema Invest will find an excuse not to allow you any withdrawals. Since these amounts together make for the total account balance, Erema Invest will simply not let you withdraw anything. The excuse for such ruthless behavior is that it’s all just non-deposited funds or that you haven’t reached the required trading volume. Erema Invest doesn’t announce anywhere what’s the exact requirement!

Erema Invest Trading Features�

As attractive as these elements may seem at first, it is only because they are well advertised by an eloquent and convincing scam agent. Erema Invest scam basically works on selling fictitious services in exchange for your hard-earned money. While dragging people into their dastardly scheme, the Erema Invest website propagates ultimate security, cheapest packages with access to all the world’s markets. Since we explore all of these problematic areas in our Erema Invest review, you can see our take on each of them in the next sections.�

Erema Invest Trader – Trading Platform Overview

The website that should thoroughly inform you about what you can expect from their trading software doesn’t basically reveal anything. Only several things are mentioned, and they are so generalized, you can’t get a clear picture on what to expect.�

After a quick registration, we did manage to get access to the trading platform. Erema Invest may be right about it not needing an installation, which makes it easily accessible. However, the broker doesn’t elaborate on the concrete tools and features available. But that’s simply because this bogus web trader is so overly simplified and utterly fake that you can’t describe it as anything else but useless.�

The rudimentary customization options don’t make up for the lack of all the advanced analytic tools that premium software like MT4, MT5 and cTrader include in everyday use and in every form of their distribution, be it for mobile or desktop.�

But even if the broker offered trading on any of these platforms, it means none of it is truthful or legitimate without a license. As an example, we’d like to mention Erzinex, which also has MT4 in offer but still doesn’t have a proper regulation and is blacklisted.�

Available Trading Assets

The Erema Invest platform supposedly enables you to access a wide range of instrument classes and trade under circumstances we wouldn’t quite describe as profitable. Nonetheless, these are the financial instrument groups advertised as available:

  • Indices (S&P 500, US 100, DOW 30, NIKKEI 225)

Choice of Account Types

The trading accounts at Erema Invest are described as the broker’s solution for traders to unlock their best trading potential and achieve everything they dream of. Hearing something like that leaves an impression on an investor, regardless of it being true or false.�

With scam brokers you immediately know that all the features they provide are generally just empty promises, and shortly after buying them you will realize none of the advertisements were truthful. On top of that, this sham forces you to pay a hefty amount to unlock advanced accounts. Because the basic one, which conveniently offers nothing to work with.�

Here’s how the prices go:

  • Start – $300
  • Mini – $2.000
  • Standard – $10.000
  • Classical – $25.000
  • VIP – $50.000
  • PRO – $100.000

Should you expect a Demo Account on

The broker doesn’t offer a possibility of Demo accounts. Trading with the help of virtual funds during a trial period and risk-free helps traders experiment and get familiar with the trading environment. Usually, brokers that focus on defrauding customers require you to immediately deposit after opening an account.�

Demo profiles aren’t available because the traders would probably figure out the scam and back away before depositing. Because they have so much to hide, fraudsters always ask for deposits first, and before you’re able to use any of their services.�

Trading Strategies

As a special addition to the lies and false promises collection, Erema Invest offers so-called Strategies. Without precisely describing what they represent and what they are exactly, the broker claims they guarantee success and minimize the risks. Because the market is so unstable and unpredictable, traders should have a warranty for their Forex success. That’s allegedly where Erema Invest Strategies come in.�

Since the webpage advertising these Strategies ends there and then announces how training, analytics and help are available for all Erema Invest customers, we assume that’s what they initially meant under the Strategies.�

Erema Invest Withdrawal

The Erema Invest withdrawal policy explains the crucial steps to initiating a payout. Here, the doc says that the customer has to fill in a form and send it to the broker after signing it. Just like that and voila, you can find your funds back to your bank account between 4 and 7 days later. If only it was that easy. We’ve already warned our readers how dangerous and untrustworthy this unlicensed firm is, just like any other, Digibits included.�

Because of the baits in the forms of bonuses, users may be permanently locked out from making a withdrawal. But that isn’t the worst part. Deposits you made could be already irreversibly lost, especially if made in crypto. The anonymity that these transfers provide help protect the identity of the scammers. Without legal help, you could be basically permanently denied the access to your deposit!

Customer Support

Being faithful to protecting their anonymity, Erema Invest doesn’t provide any company information, including the communication channels. Customer service is only available via email – [email protected] or through an online form. Neither of these techniques offer guarantee for response. The fraudster may as well ignore the incoming emails or permanently close their mailbox after they’ve had their share of the profit they aimed for.�

No one takes responsibility to answer any of the complaints and email inquiries so the customers are left hanging and panicking, while the cyber thief counts profit.�

Key Information About Erema Invest

As proven by the Romanian authorities, Erema Invest is a scammer that primarily targets Romanian, Moldavian and Italian traders. Operating without any kind of regulation allows this swindler to manipulate traders and extort money in exchange for non-existent services. Getting involved with a rotten scheme such as the one behind Erema Invest inevitably leads to problems with withdrawals.�

If you happen to be experiencing such issues yourself, please consider getting in touch with our support offices as quickly as possible. Delaying the action only leaves the criminal with just enough room to get away with your funds safely. So do not have your will wavering, as it can easily be too late for action! Contact us today and book your free consultation – you can’t lose if it doesn’t cost anything.

FAQ Section

What Is Erema Invest?

Erema Invest scam is what goes on behind this website without any kind of authorization to operate. The website that claims to provide brokerage services actually defrauds customers. So if you’re a victim too, turn to us for legal help and a chance to restore what is rightfully yours.

Is Erema Invest a Scam Broker?

Yes, because this firm steals investments by manipulating funds and lying to their customers. They use deceptive methods of sorts and Romanian authorities have them blacklisted for such deeds.

Does Erema Invest Offer a Demo Account?

No, this broker hasn’t made the demo account available, as they immediately insist on you depositing to be able to use any of the services they advertise.�

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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