InvestusPro Review – Innovative Scam Techniques Caught At Work!
InvestusPro Review – Innovative Scam Techniques Caught At Work!

InvestusPro describes themselves as not an ordinary brokerage firm that offers trading services solely. Since they believe that successful trading takes more, the company claims to also provide fundamental analysis and information gathering. This is supposed to serve traders as a guide to the most lucrative investments and success in the derivatives markets. 

The essence of the InvestusPro scam lies in the attempt of the swindler to convince victims they’re much needed for the right investment decisions. The firm claims to employ the leading business experts to advise you and lead your trading experience to nothing but success. 

Why all of these claims carry no usable value, and why we consider InvestusPro to be utterly unreliable are just some of the aspects we explore in this review. So, in case you’re looking for the right brokerage site while needing smart investment decision making, read this InvestusPro review. It is time to learn the traits of a fake trading platform and faux investment firm in one.

Regulated by: Unregulated Broker
Is This Company Safe? InvestusPro is an unlicensed brokerage, it is not safe for investing!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: UK (alleged)
Operating since: February 2023
Trading Platforms: InvestusProwebtrader platform
Maximum Leverage: 1:400
Minimum Deposit: €250
Deposit Bonus: Up to 70%
Trading Assets: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Free Demo Account: N/A
How to  Withdraw from This Company? InvestUs is an unregulated company, and may block your withdrawals. Contact our legal experts for help in charging back your funds.

Is InvestusPro Scam or Legit?

InvestusPro claims that they are a global firm that has two regional offices. One of these is in London, UK,  House 3rd Floor 66, Welbeck, 67 Wells St. The other is claimed to be in Toronto, Canada, 100 Queens Quay E, Suite 1600. One quick search in Google Maps reveals that neither of these addresses is genuine. We know this, because they are the posting addresses for completely different companies that are unaffiliated with InvestusPro.

Financial regulators in different regions have imposed a number of restrictions when it comes to brokerages. For a broker that InvestusPro claims to be, a license from both the UK’s FCA and Canadian New SRO are mandatory. They would not be authorized to conduct business otherwize.

Thanks to the many advertisements on the InvestusPro website, we can be certain that this company is not compliant with the regulatory standards of either the New SRO or FCA. For instance, InvestusPro offers leverage of 1:400 for some account types, but in the UK the maximum leverage is set at 1:30. Canadian authorities allow a somewhat higher leverage of 1:50, but this is still far lower than what InvestusPro offers.

One of the differences between these two jurisdictions is that the Canadian authorities allow different bonuses to be offered to the clients, while the UK has imposed a ban on bonuses. InvestusPro offers a bonus of up to 70%, which is forbidden in the UK, where this company’s main HQ is alleged to be. Both the FCA and New SRO require the implementation of Segregated Bank Accounts, which InvestusPro simply does not provide.

We have, of course, taken the liberty of checking the company registries of a number of different Tier-1 Financial Regulators. We have included the FCA, New SRO, BaFIN, CySEC, ASIC, and FINMA in our search for an InvestusPro license… And none of these databases contained any information on InvestusPro. This is solid proof that InvestusPro is a dangerous, unlicensed brokerage.

Who are InvestusPro Victims?

The InvestusPro scam has based their services on both business consulting and trading platform providing. Swindlers attract their victims by offering them useful guidance and advice, while also giving them the opportunity to invest with their platform directly. This is especially alluring to the beginner traders who are willing to invest and trade, but also need to be led while choosing their poison. 

In that sense, InvestusPro has their victims trapped in their financial sham, with minimal chances of getting out of the scheme. The firm has an obvious preference for the more developed nations and traders with higher investment capabilities. As of now, the biggest number of victims has been reported in these countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Canada 

Stable income and a guiding hand that InvestusPro promises inevitably will have traders falling for the lies. However, the fairy tale lasts as long as your bank balance is persisting. As soon as the scam agents and boiler room sellers have you deplete all your capital, they will turn a cold shoulder on you. 

Despairing and in shame, scammed customers feel like there’s no solution or a way to get back what was stolen from them. You do not need to feel the same. If you contact us as soon as you’ve found out about the scam, we can take just the right steps and advise you how to retrieve your deposits. 

Reviews and Comments About InvestusPro

Despite not being able to find many reviews online on InvestusPro scam, we located traces. With the poor quality of service and dedication to fraud, negative ratings will start raining soon. The TrustPilot page for InvestusPro only has several reviews posted, but they’re all negative. All reflect the outrage starting against this con, and an attempt by victims to warn people not to overpay for the fake services:

Be Careful of a broker called Investuspro in Canada. They are a scam /fraud. Once you register online, you get a call that sounds legitimate for investment into crypto, and once they get the money, it is gone. Do not fall for them!. Please share the message.”

INVESTUSPRO.COM — DON’T BE FOOLED! If you have invested in this already… Let it go! You can never get it anyways… Don’t add more money. Save yourself!!

InvestusPro – Leverage, Fees, and Spread

We have already mentioned that the leverage InvestusPro offers is much higher than what is allowed in most parts of the world. The leverage of 1:400 might seem like a lucrative opportunity, but the truth is that such high leverage creates a much higher risk of asset loss.

The spreads with InvestousPro are a bit more expensive than the current average, but only if you believe the advertisement on their website. Although there are accounts that have a minimum spread of 0.8, these are quite expensive, and these low spreads are only available for very few Trading Instruments.

Interestingly enough, the more high end accounts at InvestusPro actually charge larger commission than the cheaper ones. This is around $10 per lot.

The broker does charge a dormant fee of 10% monthly, after an inactivity period of 6 months or longer. There are withdrawal fees as well, which are not cheap either. Some withdrawal options incur a fee of $25 for a request, followed by $50 for processing, and a 10% levy for some types of accounts.

InvestusPro Trading Features

Perhaps advertised as ultimately benefiting the buyer, the trading conditions at InvestusPro are not all that attractive. Especially because of how unrealistic they sound. We’ve already discussed the dangers of trading with such overly high leverage and impossibly low spreads. 

The website claims to provide the best-equipped software and most advanced trading tools on the market. Luckily, we are reluctant to believe such claims without first exploring every bit of them first. So keep reading this review to hear about the failure of a platform, excessively pricey accounts and a poor offer of trading instruments available.

Trading Platforms Available

The InvestusPro trading platform is a simplified web trader that the firm advertises as if it’s the latest technological discovery. What is said to be a revolutionary trading solution is but a rudimentary distribution. Bogus software is lacking every single tool that makes MT4, MT5 and cTrader beloved by the entire Forex community. 

As a matter of fact, the only  two functions are buy and sell, and they’re completely unresponsive until you deposit real cash. Otherwise, you can only choose between several customization options that don’t overly increase the comprehensiveness and reliability of the distribution. 

All in all barely functional and definitely not trustworthy, this platform isn’t what you’d expect to get after investing so much real cash to get a hold of a live trading account at InvestusPro. This is practically the same situation we had over at Gammaron, where no software was present at all. The outcome is the same, whether it’s the defective software like this one or none at all. 

Available Trading Assets

A desperate scam trying to sell their questionable services would have to invest significantly more effort to provide at least seemingly more attractive conditions. For some traders, it’s often crucial if certain financial products are available for trading. The only tradable asset groups that InvestusPro advertises are the following:

  • CFDs on Stocks (Tesla, Adidas, Amazon, Boeing, Facebook, Netflix)
  • Indices (DAX, DOW, FTSE, JPN225, NSDQ, SPY)
  • Commodities (Aluminium, Coffee, Copper, Sugar, Soybean, Soyoil

Account Types

Virtually every account type at InvestusPro includes some form of interaction with a so-called Personal Account Manager. We know who these people are, we call them Boiler Room Agents. The accounts are quite costly, and allegedly offer better benefits to traders who deposit more money. One of these perks are larger bonuses, for instance.

These are the ImvestusPro Account Types:

  • Basic – €250, leverage 1:200
  • Silver – €2 250, leverage 1:200
  • Gold – €10 000, leverage 1:300
  • Platinum – €25 000, leverage 1:400

InvestusPro doesn’t offer a Free Demo account to their clients. Many other scam brokers like LinityBase for instance, don’t offer a Demo Account either. Because this essential market analysis tool is absent, there is no way to test the trading environment without investing real currency.

Mobile Trading App

InvestusPro claims to provide a top-notch mobile app for trading on the go. However, if you dare to click any of the misleading buttons on the website, you will be led to the web trader. No dedicated mobile app exists. It’s just a pretext that InvestusPro uses to get you to become their customer. And although you could technically access the web terminal from your phone browser, it still isn’t a proprietary app that InvestusPro lies about. 


There’s no decent word to describe the shallowness and uselessness of the information presented by the InvestusPro in the form of articles. These could hardly be called education, as they contain but several lines explaining what certain tradable product groups are. Even the most inexperienced of investors have that much knowledge. So these several articles available at the InvestusPro website have no practical meaning. 

If this faux broker looked up to reputable brokers, they’d be aware of this and invest more into designing better educational material. Popular brokers have various sources of knowledge, such as video tutorials, books, live lessons and webinars. 

InvestusPro Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your trading account is done through the forms you have to fill in the client area. Withdrawals are supposedly claimed to be seamless and quick, but are followed by terrifying fees that make you question if whole trading would be worth it. 

Firstly, there’s a 25$ to 50$ fee depending on the transaction method used, plus a processing fee of 10$. If you haven’t achieved more than 200 successful turnovers or haven’t verified your account, you will instantaneously have to pay an additional 10% upon every single withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is 250$. 

There are more fees, not directly connected to account funding, like a dormant fee of 10% of the total account’s balance deducted monthly. How expensive is that?!

Either way, such a state of things reveals the true nature of InvestusPro, which earns by slapping unreasonable fees on every single service and move the client wishes to take. 


We have already mentioned how InvestusPro offers different bonuses to their clients, and we will now discuss the hidden dangers these bonuses pose when dealing with unlicensed brokerages. Many scam companies impose trading volume requirements which are quite unachievable.

InvestusPro does not allow a payout from their platform unless a volume of 25x the initial deposit + the given bonus has been achieved. This means that for a minimum deposit of €250, a client must trade at least €8 125 before they can withdraw.

Needless to say, in a volatile financial market of Forex and CFD trading, this is a very difficult task even professionals will struggle to accomplish.

Key Information About InvestusPro

The information in our InvestusPro review reveals disturbing facts about this unregulated brokerage company and investment firm. Being completely anonymous and operating under the radar allows them to keep their incognito status intact while scamming customers back and forth. 

If you consider your funds to be in danger, you would have to react quickly and get the legal support you need. The swindler doesn’t just give up on stealing and returns funds they’ve snatched. So contact us promptly for advice and legal help in restoring your investments. Our legal experts team works around the clock to alert authorities and help people regain what they’ve lost to fraudsters of all kinds and profiles. 

FAQ Section

What Does InvestusPro Do?

InvestusPro is a fraudulent entity without proper regulation. They scam customers out of ther funds and get away with the crime by keeping their anonymity. Do not become their next victim and alert us if you need help getting your capital back from them.

What Is Minimum Deposit with InvestusPro?

The minimum amount of real cash you have to invest with this website to buy the cheapest account type is 250 EUR.

Is the InvestusPro Broker Safe?

Because they do not own a license and have not been regulated by any financial authority, InvestusPro cannot be considered safe. Your funds are at huge risk with this firm!


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